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Convergence Services is a holistic IT service provider. We have the expertise to handle all your IT related issues that include customized software and website development, Search Engine Optimization, E-commerce solutions, Content Management Systems (Joomla, WordPress, Drupal, etc.) and anything under the scope of web development and IT services.

At Convergence, IT and Web are never complicated. We simplify IT for you so that you understand it and enjoy working on it. We are passionate about technology and hence our work is backed by a lot of dedication. Whether you are looking for assistance for IT setup, staffing or your website, we use our technical and functional knowledge to provide the best solutions.

There are three factors that make Convergence Services special-

  • Our age believes our experience
  • We are trusted and good at what we do
  • The quality delivered is high, not our fee

Mission & Vision

Our Mission

Exceed client expectations with high-quality solutions at the most affordable prices

Our Vision

  • Empower companies by providing the most proficient and globally recognized business and technology solutions
  • Use our expertise to enable technology at the most affordable prices
  • Partner our clients in their growth by creating substantial ROI for every service they invest in with us
  • Be a responsible organization by contributing to the country’s growth by helping local companies grow with technology

People Power

Our Team

Vicky Jain: Founder & CEO, Convergence Services

Vicky is one of the founders of Convergence and its current CEO. He is responsible for strategic planning, vision and everyday function. He is the driving force behind the company and its explosive growth. He is well experienced in the areas of Business Development, Quality control, Finance, Management. He has a graduate degree in Engineering and a post graduate degree in Business Administration. In December 2009, he was awarded the prestigious Bharat Gaurav Award by IEDRA in New Delhi.

In his spare time, Vicky enjoys reading motivational books, historical books, Artha Shastra being his one of the favourites. Apart from that he likes playing football and listening to music.

Priyanka Bhor - Jain: Founder & Creative Head, Convergence Services

Priyanka is the co-founder and creative head of Convergence. Prior to founding Convergence, Priyanka worked at TCS, Bangalore for a brief period of 10 months. She has a rich experience of web designing, and it reflects in her work. She handles the HR department along with the Web Designing and Quality control processes.

She is an engineering graduate and has a post graduate management degree in HR. She has managed to create a significant impact in the acceleration of the company’s growth.

When she is not working in office Priyanka likes to unwind by indulging in shopping and reading books. She also enjoys cooking and has many lip-smacking dishes to her credit.

Abhay Talekar: Co-Founder & CFO, Convergence Services

Abhay is also a co-founder of Convergence and his association with the company goes back to the time when the company was in its formative years. He is also the CFO of the company, and has more than the requisite expertise in handling small,large and government projects. He looks after some of the vital processes in the company like Business Development, Finance, Marketing, Planning and Legal. He enabled Convergence Services to enter a new business segment and brought in several new clients. He holds a BBA degree from Pune University and also MBA degree from Institute of Technology and Management with a specialization in Operations and Marketing. In addition, he did a Diploma in Foreign Trade Management from Mumbai University.

During his free time Abhay likes to play Football, Cricket, engage in Social Activities and play Cards. He also enjoys driving.

Core Values

Our Culture


The definition of smart is nicely summed up in Shiv Khera’s quote which says, "Winners don't do different things. They do things differently." This difference is the what we call the Smarter Way! Being smart helps you achieve greater things in your work and life. Hence, at Convergence, we believe in the SMART way of working. This is very evident from the approach we take to accomplish our tasks on a day-to-day basis. When things are done in smarter ways, it produces products of high quality, saves time and ensures better value to the customers.


We believe that being YOUNG has nothing to do with a person’s age or experience. At Convergence, it is all about being energetic, enthusiastic and passionate about your work and life. The person achieves more when he feels optimistic towards his life and work. We harness these latent qualities of individuals to motivate them to achieve and excel in their domain of interest.


At Convergence, being GENUINE is a prerequisite to establish a long-term trust and faith with individuals who are part of this company. Those who possess this quality achieve consistent success in their work and life. Being genuine takes an individual one step closer to achieve personal and professional excellence in their career. We believe being it helps the person be honest, keep a positive attitude towards life, follow fair practices and take responsibility for his actions.

Tale of talented 3

Our Story

Life seldom unfolds as planned, but as time goes by you realise everything happens for the best. You’ve got to go with the flow. And somewhere in this path when you add your touch to this destiny’s game, great things happen!

Somewhere in 2008:

The world made a huge cry about recession and losing jobs. An unfortunate time for new college graduates who deserved great placements. Same was the case for two brilliant toppers of Shah and Anchor Engineering College–Vicky & Priyanka. Fresh graduates with mind blowing degrees stepped into a world that was not ready for them. Priyanka managed to land a job in a top MNC, though it was dated to begin after a 9-month-long gap. Vicky on the other hand was refrained from the opportunity to sit for college placements. But that’s how luck plays. Destiny had bigger dreams for them.

Later in 2008:

To make best use of time, Vicky started to learn coding languages like Java, Oracle and Applets. Life took a twist when Vicky’s cousin asked him to develop a specific software. Vicky’s work was so appreciated that he got a complete assignment to develop a website for his cousin’s company as well. Priyanka and Vicky worked together on this project and created an absolute masterpiece. Their work spoke of their excellence and it spread through word of mouth, earning them more and more projects.

Birth of Convergence Services:

Work flowed in but the functionalities were still a challenge. When you work with professionals you have to be professional yourself too. Company registration and other formalities became the need of the hour to take up more serious work. As Vicky and Priyanka fondly remember, Convergence Services was proudly registered as a proprietary firm and the company’s first bank account was opened on 7th October 2009.


8 years later, Convergence Services has experienced nothing less than a roller coaster ride. But the never give up spirit of the founders and every employee has made Convergence a successful firm that is recognised by clients for its work. Even today every work is taken up with the same excitement like that of the first website given by Vicky’s cousin. The endeavour continues to stay humble and continue the good work.