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  • 6 Type of Bloggers You Generally Come Across

Blogging is fun and what’s equally entertaining is reading blogs. Every time you read, each blogger has his own self penned down in words- a distant personality, a new life experience and a novel look at the world. But more or less the overall styles fall under some brad categories which are influenced by the blog writer’s nature. Let’s see some of the common kind of bloggers you will come across.

1) The Philosophical One

They are always ready to share some life wisdom, whether or not you are ready to take it. The so called ‘philosopher’ bloggers love writing about life, experiences, and advises of course.


2) The Emotional One

They will find the most heart wrenching content and share it with you. And if there isn’t any they will create it. Imagine when they write so emotionally, how much drama would be there is their real lives.


3) The One with the Funny Bone

You love reading what they post because it leaves you with a fit of laughter, of course unless you are the subject if the joke.


4) Those Who Rant

Those strong minded ones who know life in their own way. They will twist the facts, and change the way you see the normal stuff with their twisted tales. The one of rants always has a strong word to say.


5) The Smart Showoffs

They may be really intelligent or are good at researching and ctrl+c, but none the less reading their posts will always help you learn something new. The smart kinds like to write about intelligent topics and explore knowledge. Keep them bookmarked if you like learning.

6) The Explorers

See the world through their eyes. They love to go out, eat out and experience adrenalin rush. And they give you a visit of their world through their words. Meet the explorers.