Artificial Intelligence is the New Electricity

The world is at the precipice of revolutionary turn with Artificial Intelligence (AI) led transformation. Leading organizations are leveraging the power of data transformation through AI and Machine Learning (ML) Models. With the help of AI solutions, you’ll be able to boost productivity and generate effective outcomes. The increase in productivity translates into an increase in business profits.

What is the top most need of your business today? Is it reducing costs or is it generating productivity? At Convergence, we craft AI integrated solutions to address your priority while keeping people at the core of your business efficiency.

Key Ethos AI Solutions

  • Customized Solutions
    • We aim to bring targeted and bespoke solutions engineered with AI and ML to fit your unique business needs. We are poised to outperform generic off the shelf solutions.
  • Sustainable Solutions
    • We keep our focus on laying a foundation of solutions that propel sustainable future, for your business and for your processes
  • Innovative Solutions
    • Pre-built, pre-integrated AI and machine learning (ML) models and real-time, industry-specific data sets are used to design and implement our solutions. With the knowledge that Responsible AI is built in from the outset, we can set a scalable standard.

Our Tailored Services

Machine & Deep Learning Models

With Machine Learning models, your business will be able to make informed decisions by parsing and applying data. Deep Learning models is a subfield of machine learning that structures algorithms in layers to create an “artificial neural network” that can learn and make intelligent decisions on its own.
These models fall under two main categories: Generic Models and Specialized Models

Generic Models

Dynamically deployed models for generic use cases

  • Vision and Video detection

    Increasingly deployed to detect desired objects in a larger landscape, detection helps in analyzing desired input.

    • Image Labelling
    • Object Detection
    • Face detection
  • Language Translation
    • Natural Language Processing (NLP) makes the computer system use, interpret, and understand human languages and verbal speech. It is the goal of NLP to make human languages understandable so that a computerized system can read and comprehend the written material.
  • Speech-to-text and Text-to-Speech
    • Our engineered AI solutions create apt and precise captions translating speech to text and vice versa. Customized models to enhance accuracy for domain-specific terminology. Get more value from spoken audio by enabling search or analytics on transcribed text or facilitating action—all in your preferred programming language.

Specialized Models

We deploy models that require training data and are designed to address a specific use case. These are bespoke machine learning models that necessitate a lot of data analysis and feature engineering. Our expertise comes into play when we address your specific need with the precise model

Models we have built in past

  • Service Ticket Summarization
  • Service Ticket Severity Prediction
  • Service Ticket Resolution Prediction
  • Customer Churn Model
  • Employee attrition Model

Process Automation and Chatbots

AI-enabled business process automation is the next big thing. We use machine learning models, chatbots, and RPAs to boost automation while integrating seamlessly with your existing infrastructure.

Automating Conversational Process just got Easier and Seamless

AI enabled chatbot can imitate a natural language interaction with a user over messaging apps, websites, mobile apps, or the phone. One of the most advanced and promising forms of human-machine interaction, a chatbot, is frequently referred to.

AI Consulting

Are you confused about how to jump in on the AI Revolution?
Are you wondering if integrating AI into your business process is going to be worth it?
Allow us to address these concerns as we journey with you in establishing and maintaining the next big turn for your business. With our Consulting services, your workflows, technology, and entire company will evolve in a sensible and efficient way. Our experts can help you build a data-first strategy, add third-party sources, and make AI more operational and faster across your business to help your business grow.

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