Turning the Treasure

If you ask any organisation what their treasure is, they'll tell you it's BIG Data. We recognise that possessing DATA is insufficient; understanding what to do with it is what makes a difference. CONVERGENCE invests its expertise in improving the organisation, formatting and usability of your data.

Businesses must embrace data transformation since it aids in the extraction of insights and evaluation of the enormous amounts of data created every day. With so many sources of data, it's critical to distil the information before drawing assessments.

With an organisation, a lot of processes have the capability to generate significant data that cannot be missed- it could be customer behaviours, or supply management, field services and so much more! The solutions developed at CONVERGENCE helps your enterprises and businesses to effectively collate, evaluate and enhance your most valuable asset.

Maximised Value from Data

Efficient Use of Data

Enhance Data Quality

ETL Solutions

Extract, Transform and Load (ETL) solutions swiftly handle your data across disparate silos with simplicity. We do not believe in one size fits all, our team minutely understands your needs and creates custom ETL pipelines to maximise and simplify the use of your data.

ETL describes the end-to-end process by which a company takes its full breadth of data—structured and unstructured and managed by any number of teams from anywhere in the world—and gets it to a state where it’s actually useful for business purposes.*


Your data is retrieved from more than one source and assimilated, and from here on sent to a staging area.


Your varied data is now put in a common formatted manner so it can be available to process


Your refined data is now sent to a targeted database, data store or the like.

Why should you opt for ETL?

With ETL solutions, your untamed data becomes organised and easy to derive value from. It helps you to capitalize your already established framework.

It helps you get a clearer representation of an otherwise mangled data

Data Dashboarding & Visualization

One of the most important parts of Data Transformation is gathering and presenting data. We provide Dashboard visualisation services at CONVERGENCE to integrate data from a wide range of sources into a clear and cohesive display.

When you have BIG Data in your hands, you need visualisation tools to help enhance the interpretation of your data. Most of the people around us are visual learners and our Data Dashboarding & Visualization solutions understand the significance of the same and create visual tools to present your data.

Imagine the impact on your decision making for your enterprise when critical data is presented in front of you in the most visually appealing and understandable format. Our dashboard solutions help you to engage with your data in an interactive platform, thus deriving greatest value from it.

Be it a Marketing Enterprise or an Engineering Enterprise, there are only good reasons as to why you must consider adapting to these solutions. Skimming through colors, charts, pies and shapes has never sounded more fun! Get in touch with us now!

Data Scraping

Our customised solutions include crawlers for hybrid data extraction from a larger scope of data namely different documents or PDFs. Unassimilated data is transformed into structured data in the format of your choice. The extracted data comes along with built-in quality validations to adhere to necessary security compliances.

With our Data Scraping Solutions, you can be rest assured that we will scrape every byte of accessible data adhering to your needs. CONVERGENCE offers these solutions for you to make informed decisions without any hassle.

While we do all the heavylifting, you can focus on taking your enterprise to greater heights. These innovative solutions save time and build money- the two most important aspects in any business.

The Data crawlers will turn the barrage of web pages into actionable data. Our robust crawlers assimilate important data pertaining to your needs and we do it fast and in a cost effective manner.