Curated Platform Solutions

Unlocking your digital future with next-generation platform services

Platform Development involved designing and developing applications for specific types of computers and operating systems ("platforms").

We carry a decade’s experience in providing custom-platform enabled solutions. At CONVERGENCE, we understand the potential that is unlocked when a business invests in exclusively tailored platform solutions. Having these solutions helps you create a niche for your business.

We have a mission to assist organisations in developing an agile and resilient architecture that will allow them to move away from inflexible systems. The creation of these platforms is driven by time efficiency and creativity. CONVERGENCE applies its resources and experience to deliver cross platform app development that works for a start-up, SMB, business company, public or nonprofit institution.

We deploy a FOUR PRONGED approach to building platforms:

Evaluate and Design

We understand your needs, assess the requirements and put our stellar design team in to action


We build with flexible software engineering practices and combine it with our expertise and invent platforms in a time effective manner


Time to build what we designed- we install and run the solutions and our deployment services cuts the release time and removes any glitches in the process


We constantly activate our maintenance solutions and are readily available for support services which helps improve performance

eCommerce Platform Development

Powerhouse of next-generation e-commerce solutions

Our strategic e-commerce solution for B2C and B2B businesses helps you in scaling up the operations. With our cutting edge solutions, you can set up a seamless personalised experience with marketplaces and trade portals that are brand-centric.

The custom eCommerce solutions create impeccable platforms and unleash new vibrancy in eCommerce projects. The combination of our dedicated team, innovative designs, and experience in the field helps your business fulfill its eCommerce aspirations.

Reasons to SAY YES to e-commerce solutions

Faster Reach to a Wider Market
Opening up Avenues to reach new customer bases
Real Time Information Tracking
Using Interactive Framework

Virtual Event Platform

The power of engaging through virtual event platforms

With the ever changing scheme of events across the world, virtual event platforms open up a plethora of opportunities to engage with people with a personalised touch. Online events may now be held in the most realistic manner thanks to a virtual event platform solution. With advanced digital networking solutions, your organisation not only saves time but also has the chance to save money on content delivery. You may interact with visitors and collaborators using our solutions.

Our highly engaging virtual event platforms help your business to create a meaningful experience for a global audience. Our insights help you to evaluate the worth of your investments and channelise your resources in a beneficial manner while delivering an evolved superior experience to your online community.


What was tedious has now become the new normal - adapting to virtual event solutions help you to reduce cost and time. It is refreshing to connect globally with the audience of your choice through these solutions. You will most definitely feel the World is Your Home as you experience and interact with a global audience.

E-games Tournament platform

Highly Engaging Virtual Sports Platform

Online Gaming and Engaging Experience are two sides of the same coin. We provide our expertise in bringing the most premium featured esports platform to harbour an ever-growing and evolving ecosystem in the world of online gaming.

Our way of keeping the energy high during tournaments is by building interactive and engaging platforms. We help businesses create a state of the art game universe where their beneficiaries can engage in a secure yet dynamic environment. At CONVERGENCE, we constantly challenge ourselves to push the envelope in building a growing ecosystem for the gaming world.

Membership Management Platform

Unleash your Networking Capabilities

You can harness your networking skills and strengthen your relationships with our membership management suite. Our services provide a digital platform for connecting and collaborating with a premium experience. With the best in class solution for membership and community administration, you can keep and expand your community.