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What is Cloud Hosting?

Cloud hosting can be simply defined as a hosting service for your website on a cloud connected to multiple servers. Unlike traditional methods, cloud hosting has access to multiple servers with unlimited processing power. Cloud hosting is scalable and can be carried out with less or virtually no limitations. It helps you get away from upgrading your expensive hardware and saves money. With this hosting service, you don’t need to worry about server crash due to sudden surge in the traffic or issues of moving your website from a shared server to a dedicated server. Convergence Services is from the select few companies in Mumbai, Maharashtra providing Cloud Hosting service for clients across different business verticals.

Benefits of Cloud Hosting<

  • Offers greater flexibility and control - add, remove and modify applications, programs and operating systems
  • No maintenance and upgrade of hardware
  • Pay per use model saves money
  • More processing power instantly
  • High efficiency and scalability


Who should go for cloud Hosting

Cloud hosting is an ideal hosting environment for start-ups, and SMEs. NGOs, educational institutions, media, finance, banking, etc., can take advantage of this service for increased productivity and cost effectiveness.

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