Utilize our experience to scale innovation across a wide range of industrial landscapes. With intelligent solutions and AI-powered transformation, our expert ecosystem consults on strategies that lead to a flourishing digital progression for companies.

Our team scopes the digital landscape to assess opportunities for growth for your enterprise. From assessment to strategizing and then to execution, we carry the weight of your ambition for a digital transformation on our shoulders. With a firm footing on our present landscape and with the knowledge of a global worldview, we bring innovative solutions to you through our consulting.





Ecommerce Solutions Consulting

Does your business want a revenue generating eCommerce solution? Look no further - at CONVERGENCE, we help you understand digital commerce solutions. We consult organisations to develop a keen eye on customer behaviour and add a bonus here- it helps you ramp up sales and profits!

Why Should You Avail Our Services?

If you already have an eCommerce platform or are planning to start one, CONVERGENCE offers the best platform for your business needs. We build a strong, distinct commerce experience without sacrificing security, stability, or scalability. The BigCommerce platform's openness and power allow you to focus on optimising your business for growth.

The Role of our Solutions

  • Our solutions help you to engage with your customer base more efficiently
  • Protecting your bottom line in terms of revenue growth, as well as maintenance and installation costs
  • Setting up a platform for your customers to reach you
  • Keeping the interaction and data secure for you and your customers

Website & Mobile App Development Consulting

CONVERGENCE provides consultancy services to help you create a brand-centric approach in developing a game-changing mobile app for your company, as well as an engaging website. We're here to help you with an end-to-end strategy for maximum consumer reach, given the persistent need for corporate mobility solutions.

We Make your Website Speak

Designing and Development are the two main factors in creating a website. We bring to the table our experience in designing and developing. Insights to build right strategies in making a complete sketch, finalising sitemap, and incorporating creative elements and content.

At CONVERGENCE, our scope of experience has crossed industries like

  • Retail
  • Educational
  • Manufacturing
  • NGO and more

Make your Mobile App Pop

Our success chronicles in creating Mobile App Solutions speaks for us. With the backbone of traditional software development , we consult on creating apps engineered to make the most of the mobile device. With Android and iOS bringing out apps every second, it becomes important to create an experience that invokes loyalty. We help you create applications that your customer base desires and create it with innovation and insight.

Say Yes to a DiGital Turnaround

With our solutions, you unlock the opportunities that are waiting to be seized. Trust our experience and skill, and see the carpet roll out for your business to be embraced.

Automation services (Al/ML) Consulting

Unsure about how to incorporate AI into your company's workflow? Allow us to take this off your hands- we have a team of professionals that can assist you in determining the best course of action for your business.

A report by BCG and MIT Sloan Management Review names three factors that lead to slow adoption of AI namely lack of an AI strategy, lack of awareness about AI capabilities and lack of AI talent in their organizations. CONVERGENCE unlocks your AI capabilities, builds an insightful strategy and induces the skill of its team.

Our consulting strategies include:

  • Identifying the most important unique data sources for your organisation
  • Identify the most essential procedures that can be automated and how they can be automated
  • Establish goals that are both ambitious and time-bound