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What is Web Applications?

Web applications are different inbuilt features on websites like guest login, message board, language translator, feedback forms, etc. In more technical terms, they are referred to as applications on a server that are accessed through a network like the internet, in case it is for open set of audience, or on intranet, in case it is for specific set of audience like a company’s employees. Applications are used to add more functionality to the website and make it further interactive. The most beneficial fact about web applications is that most of them are suitable to run on any browser and operating system. The most commonly used web applications include Google Apps, Microsoft Office Live, and WebEx WebOffice, etc.
Developing web applications requires knowledge of both client-side and server-side coding scripts. At Convergence, our team is proficient in managing all the requirements of web application development and execution. Our regular training modules ensure that we are updated about the latest technologies and upgrades so that we deliver only the best to you. We also specialise in customised web application development so you get an application which is tailormade to exactly match your need.


Benefits of Web Applications

  • Makes your website more interactive and user friendly
  • Lot of data can be collected which may help you in analysing your audience
  • Data remains centralised thus remains secure and easy to backup
  • Gives a global edge to your website
  • Easy access to information at any time, from anywhere

Who should go for Web Applications

Web applications are of various types ready to match different scales of your requirement. At Convergence, you also get the feasibility to stay customised. Thus, different companies with varied requirements and budgets can access the benefits of web applications.

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