Stellar Support Services

Convergence Support Desk is committed to providing quick and effective responses to client inquiries. By using in-house technology knowledge, our support desk model architecture focuses on simplifying customer assistance while offering holistic solutions. We put a premium on client happiness and in rendering quick implementation of solutions.

30 Day Satisfaction Guarantee

Wondering if our services will burn a hole in your pockets? Let’s take this off your mind CONVERGENCE pours its passion into doing meaningful work at cost effective price points. We have a range of plans along with a comprehensive set of features and fastest resolution time. We intend to go the extra mile and promise you to refund your fee should you not be happy with our services in the first 30 days.

Benefits of Website Maintenance Services

Uninterrupted service

Nobody likes a website that stays down very often. Enjoy uninterrupted website functioning with Convergence Support Desk maintenance.

Keep adding

Installing extensions won’t be a challenge any more. Enjoy smooth and seamless additions to your website.

Being data friendly

Even the best website is useless if the database goes for a toss. Keep is safe and crash free with our services.

Avoid the errors

Be it 404 errors or any internal server error causing troubles, we know how to keep them away from your website.

Up-to-date always

The world is moving fast, and so will your website by staying updated with latest versions. Do more with the latest features.

Be the boss

We help you mange file permissions as per your convenience. Choose the way your files function.

We’ve got your back

It’s our responsibility to keep your website and database backups safe and secured.

Keep it safe

The easiest way your client can reach you is through your website, keep it safe and secured.

Uninterrupted service

Does anyone ever like the website being down? We definitely know the feeling of facing interruptions- With CONVERGENCE Support Desk Maintenance, enjoy hassle free and smooth functioning.

Being Data Friendly

What’s the point of gaining the world and losing your data? Keep your data safe and obstacle proof with our services.

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